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Thrower of the Week!

Translation -In the Central Resort sport in Beijing, Konrad Bukowiecki before the end of the year stood to fight to save the history. His club-PKS Szczytno-Guard organized a series of competitions "in pursuit of the record", in which leaving the category junior U20 Olympian from Rio de Janeiro had to improve its own world record ball szeÅ›ciokilogramowÄ…. So far-because the art of Pole to went-it was 22.48 m. Since today is record 22.96 m.   Bukowiecki each time pushed above 22 meters. Started from 22.30, later was no 22.03, 22.72 and joy, and later even more euphoria, when the judges announced the verdict in the fourth, the best of the queue. The fifth is coached by his own father shot putter burned, in the sixth, he mobilized even to the second longest shot in the history of this age category-22.79. Tomorrow will make another attempt to attack the 23 metres and it seems that the result is within range.



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