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Anita Wlodarczyk dominated all other's in the women's throw category and had a stellar year!. World and Olympic champion Wlodarczyk broke her own world hammer throw record with 82.98m at the Skolimowska Memorial in Warsaw. Top ranked are 1st Anita Wlodarczyk - 2nd Sandra Perković - 3rd Michelle Carter. Live Feed Rio women's hammer throw video (83 minutes / 3.1GB):

Ryan Crouser had a dream year in the men's shot put culminating in breaking a 28 year-old and highly respected Olympic record (Ulf Timmermann). Top ranked are 1st Ryan Crouser - 2nd Thomas Röhler - 3rd Christoph Harting. Live feed - Rio men's shot put video (73 minutes / 3.0GB):

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