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The clutch throw!

From - SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The clutch throw. Olympic champion Ryan Crouser has been practicing it since he was a kid. His father Mitch, who is still his coach, would put a flag or marker at Ryan’s best throw of the day and say, “This is the last throw in the Olympics. Last throw at U.S. champs. You’ve got to beat that.” “So I’ve done that about 1,000 times,” said Crouser. Make that 1,001. Crouser led through five rounds of the 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships on Sunday when Joe Kovacs, the formidable reigning world champion and world leader, popped a throw of 73 feet, 4 inches (22.35 meters) to take the lead and break the 15-year-old meet record.   The last throw of the meet belonged to Crouser. He knew he would have to come close to his personal record of 73-10 ¾ (22.52), which he threw to win the gold medal at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. “That’s probably one of the most difficult things in any sport,” said Crouser, “when you’re down and you know you have to do something big at that specific time. To be able to do that, it just takes a lot of practice.” Wearing a red, white and blue bandana, he stepped into the ring and realized that his mind was completely blank, which was a good sign. “As soon as it left my hand, I knew that it was a big throw.” said Crouser, who came into the meet with the second, third, fourth and fifth best throws in the world this season, led by his 73-7 ¼ (22.43) to win the Prefontaine Classic. “When it landed, I knew it was a PR, so it was a good time to get one.” It sure was. He threw 74-3 ¾ (22.65), the third longest throw by an American. Full story here






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